About ASEAN Shipping

Despite the divergent aspirations, needs and multi-cultural background of its members, FASA is able to foster greater regional co-operation among the ASEAN shipowners. Through FASA, ASEAN shipowners are able to co-exist with a greater sense of mutual trust and respect in its development of ASEAN shipping. They are active in all aspects of the shipping market, namely liners, liquid bulk, dry bulk, ro-ro, passengers, cruises reefers, etc.

The economic growth of the Asia Pacific countries has benefited ASEAN shipping. The inter-personal relationship of the members within FASA that had been cultivated over the years is well characterised by the increasing number of co-operative shipping arrangements amongst some of the FASA members. Many of these shipping arrangements are in the container feedering business.

The significant growth of shipping services in ASEAN has also given rise to the rapid development of port infrastructures in various ASEAN countries. Most of these ports have either expanded or improved on their facilities to handle greater volume of cargoes, both containerised and conventional. It has been acknowledged that a wide network of efficient and cost-effective ASEAN ports is critical to the viable operations of the ASEAN shipping lines which are engaged in trade between ASEAN and other parts of the world.

By all forecasts, the Asia-Pacific region, including ASEAN, will continue to remain a growth area in the years ahead. ASEAN shipowners are looking forward to their greater participation in the transportation of goods within ASEAN and internationally.

Global Shipping

Shipping is a global business. FASA members therefore have ships that operate worldwide. They are subject to national and international rules and regulations like everyone else in the international shipping business. In recent years, FASA has taken a proactive role in examining some of these rules and regulations that were proposed or promulgated by the international bodies or by countries, either unilaterally or collectively. FASA also become the forum for ASEAN shipowners to voice their concerns on issues that could adversely affect their shipping interests.