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Belait Shipping Company (B) Sendirian Berhad (BSC) was incorporated in 1977. It was acquired by the current management in 2005, upon which it embarked on a different sector in the marine support business of the oil and gas scene. The company moved from operating small utility and crew boats to large workboats. Subsequently moving to other big value vessels such as Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), Diving Support Vessels (DSV) and Compact Semi Submersibles (CSS) etc.
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The Indonesian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA) is the association of Indonesian shipowners.


The Malaysia Shipowners’ Association (MASA) was established in 1976  with the main objective of protecting and promoting the interest of Malaysian Shipowners.  As the only national industry organisation representing shipowners in the country, the Malaysia Shipowners’ Association (MASA) has a central role to play in the development of the shipping industry in the country. MASA has taken this role seriously and often played key roles in highlighting issues aimed at enhancing and strengthening the development of national shipping industry.

Our mission is to be the leading organization for promoting the viable and effective growth of the Malaysian shipping industry, supporting the national aspiration to be a major maritime nation.

Our mission is to protect and promote the interests of members, to assist in the development of the Malaysian maritime industry, and to collaborate in efforts towards the continuous improvement of maritime standards for mutual benefits.
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Myanma Five Star Line (MFSL) is the oldest one among shipowning companies in Myanmar. Although other shipowning companies have come out recently, there is no national shipowner’s association in Myanmar at the moment.  MFSL is the national flag carrier of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It was first incorporated in 1959 by the Defense Services Institute (DSI) and then became a fully state owned organization under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) till March 2010. From April 2010, MFSL has been privatized being operated as the national flag carrier. The primary task thereforefor the national flag carrier still remains unchanged to cater for the carriage of Myanmar’s sea borne exports and imports bridging Yangon with the international ports of the world.

With over 1200 miles of coastline, MFSL also undertakes the carriage of passengers and cargoes from Rakhine State in the West to Taninthayi Region in the South linking the entire coastal region with Yangon. MFSL is basically a dry cargo operator and currently operates a fleet of twenty two vessels with total capacity of 137675 tons. The national flag carrier provides a comprehensive and flexible range of shipping services in both conventional and container trades.


The Filipino Shipowners Association (FSA) was organized in 1950 by a group of shipowners led by Col. Generoso F. Tanseco and four (4) others, after they walked out of a tumultuous stockholders meeting of the then Philippine Shipowners Association. The four had protested against the refusal of the incumbent leaders to raise the number of its Board of Directors from five to seven to allow post war shipping companies to have representation in the Board. The five thereafter met at the Keg Room of the old Jai Alai building along Taft Avenue, where the Filipino Shipowners Association (FSA) was conceived and organized. Col. Tanseco became its first Chairman of the Board and President and served as such from 1950 to 1975 when he was appointed as the first Administrator of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

From that small group, the FSA has grown through the years, and now consists of 29 member companies engaged in the overseas shipping trade either as shipowners, operators, bareboat charterers or companies which are engaged in maritime related business activities.
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The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) represents a wide spectrum of shipping companies and other businesses allied to the shipping industry. It is a national trade association formed in 1985 to serve and promote the interests of its members and to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore as an International Maritime Centre.

To achieve its objectives, the SSA engages and collaborates with the shipping industry key stakeholders and is a trusted adviser and partner to related government agencies. SSA is also actively involved in promoting the interests of shipping in Singapore and internationally. Additionally SSA co-operates with other regional and international shipping organizations to protect the marine environment and promote freedom and safety at sea. Despite being a not-for-profit organization, SSA strives to give back generously on behalf of its members, to the community in Corporate Social Responsibilities activities.

Currently, the SSA represents over 460 member companies; comprising ship owners and operators, ship managers, ship agents and other ancillary companies such as shipbrokers, classification societies, marine insurers, bunker suppliers, maritime lawyers, and shipping bankers amongst others.
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The Thai Shipowners Association (TSA) was founded on 7 October 1975. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of the interest of its members in shipping and related businesses.

The objectives of TSA are :

  • To develop and promote marine transportation, both domestic and  international navigation as well as resolve any problems concerning benefits in marine transportation and navigation of Thai vessels;To advice and recommend to members on problems in marine transportation and navigation, as well as accommodate business operations for members;
  • To coordinate and resolve any conflicts occurred among members, between members and government agencies, institutions, or other entities in marine transportation and navigation;
  • To act as a representative for proposing to government agencies and other pertinent domestic and international institutions its members opinions, and   policies concerning marine transportation and Thai shipping lines;
  • To cooperate with  members which are also members of shipping conferences, to ask shipping conferences to conduct in accordance with the United Nations international agreement on the conducts of shipping conference;
  • To put an end to conflicts of interests, if any, among members, having the Association committee selected an appropriate person to reconcile the conflicts.
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Established in May 1997, Vietnam Shipowners’ Association (VSA)’s primary aim is to protect the interest of its members who are shipowners, ship operators, shipmanagers and shipping service companies in Vietnam and to promote the shipping activities in the whole country.

Today, VSA has become an association with 40 ordinary, 12 associate and 2 honorary members who are either state-owned, private, stock holding and joint venture companies.

Since its foundation, VSA has proved itself to be the useful and trusted channel for all of its members to exchange views, experience and co-operation for enhancing and developing shipping business in Vietnam. VSA assists its members to overcome the difficulties in expanding their business activities and in keeping markets stable. It also aims to act as mediator in dispute settlement between the members. Through the activities, VSA has been playing an important role in making proposals to and closely connecting the Vietnamese shipping community with various government agencies in terms of the implementation and improvement the policies and regulations to facilitate and promote Vietnamese Shipping Industry and protect the interests of its members.

Being a national shipping association, VSA, on behalf of its member maintains close links with not only peer organizations in other countries but also with international institutions such as International Maritime Organization, Federation of Asean Shipowners’Associations, Asian Shipowners’ Forum, etc.
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